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The sector of Telecoms / TIC has become a priority for all African States saw the progress he knows,
its effects on different sectors and its decisive contribution to economic and social development.


Exchange with experienced makers of Telecom / ICT sectors.


Make the B to B and develop partnerships with a large unit of professional.


Learn about the strategies of major operators and African States.

Overview of goals

With the development of telecom infrastructure, fixed links, fiber optics, satellites connections, broadband access networks, the growth of mobile, smartphones and terminals, governments are realizing that it is possible to provide different types of services to the population: e-go e-Banting, e-Learning, e-commerce, e-health teleworking ... in a context of scarcity of resources, at lower cost.

However, the ecosystem of telecom / tic consists of different branches of development .Its activity requires the implementation by States of a clear and coherent strategy, incentive institutional framework, infrastructure establishment for transmission, the involvement of telecom operators, content providers, equipment and solutions for secure management, terminals, PDAs, pC, TV and ... Inter collaboration.

    The purpose of this forum is precisely to bring together regulators, state representatives, operators, equipment vendors, content and solutions, experts and professionals in order to exchange experiences and propose solutions that accelerate the development of ICT, optimize investments and develop partnerships.
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